Raine is a land ruled by a council of 9 leaders (the Assembly) appointed by their respective regions. While the assembly rules the land, there is one other figure considered to be of paramount importance: the Arcthane. As the Arcthane is responsible for so much security of the land, he has his own forces, and can issue certain edicts that even the Assembly must bow to, in order to ensure the safety of the land and the people.


Only one religion officially exists in Raine, The Disciples of Luhaine, but that is not to say that there are not other powers in the universe. Cults periodically spring up around all sorts of powers, whether powerful elemental beings, demons, or even other gods which may exist, or only be figments of the cultist’s imaginations.


Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago, Raine was ruled by a dynasty, and the empire was known as Eltar. The Eltarese kings and queens ruled the land with a hand that was considered quite fair, until the Great Plague spread though the land. When the royal family was wiped out by the plague, the misfortune of the people was compounded by fires, floods, and nearly every sort of disaster imaginable. For roughly 70 years, chaos spread throughout Raine, until finally a group of heroes established the Arcthane and the Assembly. Today, Eltarese ruins dot the land, and Raine is rebuilding, but it is still a long way from the previous heights it had achieved during the reign of the Eltar family.


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